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Q: Are patterns repeated with Village Stone blocks.
A: There are large number of patterns in our range of master moulds, therefore avoiding repitition patterns.

Q: What is the weight of each walling block?
A: 16kgs each. Village Stone is one of the strongest blocks available on the market. Refer BRANZ Report.

Q: How many walling blocks per sq metre?
A: 13

Q: What is the difference between Village Stone and a lightweight veneer?
A: Village Stone is a construction block as opposed to the lightweight stick on veneer. It is installed like you would a brick, the only difference being is the foundation requirements differ, and no backing board is required.

Q: Are there a range of colours?
A: Sandstone and Grey are the main colours., however other colours can be made on request.

Q: Will the colour fade?
A: The colouring system used will ensure that the colour is permanent. Natural aging will occur over time.

Q: How does Village Stone compare in price to natural stone?
A: Village Stone is extremely competitive in price compared with natural stone. In most cases the investment is less.